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Start of the new semester

I am teaching two classes at Holy Family University this semester. One of the classes, 3D Design is a fun class to teach. I must say that I am really blessed this semester with the quality of students. My first assignment included two sheets of foam core poster board. We took pictures out of magazines and cut them into four parts. We turned each of the pieces to form the most balanced composition. I made them not use pictures of objects that when cut could be recognizable. We used the forms suggested by the composition and crew shapes on the white board. We cut the forms out and arranged them into balanced compositors on the remaining board. I asked the students to select three levels that the forms can be build up from the service. This was done by stacking small pieces of board and gluing them together. I asked the students not to have any of the pieces higher off the surface than two inches. They glued the pieces onto the board and made their compositions. We worked two hours on the forms and some of the students made two of the compositions.

Some of the advantages of this project was that the materials were low cost. The foam core was $.88 per sheet.

My reaction to the project was that they learned a lot. Some of the students had a problem cutting the foam core without tearning the board. This torn edge was not very good for the presentation. In the future when I teach this aspect of the course I will give them a cutting demonstration. That is the other problem with the project. I was very concerned for the safety of the students. They didn’t cut themselves.

More later about my ceramics course, the weather here in Philadelphia has been very bad. I have had two classes in 3D. But, only one for ceramics.

Start of the paper clay discussion

My intent with this blog is to create an opportunity for people to talk about paper clay. As a studio artist in Philadelphia I am interested if others wand to learn more aobut this important material. Recently I attended the first international paper clay symposium in Keschemet Hungary. I was impressed at the number of people that were interested in the topic. I will be posting information about the workshop and some of the notes I took during the discussions.

If you are interested in information about paper clay, terra sigilata and a listing of cone six glazes please look at my web site which is