Tolet Paper as a fiber source

There was a recent post on a French Blog that mentioned the use of tolet paper as a fibre source on paper clay. There are a lot of reasons not to use this source of fibers. Wood fibres that are used for tolet paper are milled fibers. Think of it as sanded fibers. They are small and compact and usually bleached. The problem with using this type of fiber is the coating they put on it for consumers. The coating is corn starch with makes it soft a fluffy. Far be it for me to tell you that soft and fluffy isn’t good for tolet paper. But, it isn’t good for clay. The corn starch is a food source for mold and the clay will sopil very quickly. To delay this problem you might want to add bleach to the clay and keep it stored in a cool dark place.
There are a lot of better sources of fibres. Cellulose insulation is really good as is just plain newspaper.