When to add the paper!

I have recently found that mixing the paper fibers into the clay is very important in the final outcome. During a recent clay making session I found out that adding the cellulose fibers into the clay with the water is very important. I was reclaiming clay and forgot to put the paper fibers into the water at the start of the batch. I added the dry clay and then about 1 ½ gals of water and let it set for about an hour. I then added soft clay (Standard 257) and mixed the batch. I then remembered that I didn’t add any paper. I needed to add paper because of the addition of the new clay. I put about 800 grams of paper in the bucket and had a very hard time mixing the clay. I have now mixed the clay on and off for two days. The paper clay doesn’t act like it usually does. It still has lumps in it after a thorough mixing. To correct the situation I mixed and additional gallon of water and made a very thin batch. I will then dry this mixture on my plaster table. What a mess, I won’t make this mistake again!